With each success we have underlined our dedication in providing creative
solutions to our customers. This process is a continuous one and has been
made possible because of:

World-class partners: Our supplier for each range of trims is a world leader
in his respective fields. Strong partners with global reach and scale of operations have enabled us to offer cutting edge technology and the best quality / price/ service combination to our customers.

Expertise our customers can count on: A core expertise in each of the product ranges that we market, with our in –house testing facility helps us in providing
right recommendations and garment wash care instructions.
We also Provide
free of cost , Compliance Reports on the fabrics Provided by our Customers.

Off-the-shelf deliveries: We back our recommendations by offering off -the-shelf delivery of the suggested product. In non-woven we stock more then 50 different qualities as compared to the 3-4 items stocked by our competitors who offer ’one –size-fits-all’ solution.

Import duty free prices: We are also able to offer duty free price for most of
our range, using a special bonded warehouse in kandla.

Being in touch with markets, customers and people: We have over 60 sales people on the ground in constant interactions with our customer. A vibrant
two-way dialogue with our product partners/suppliers leads to sharing
experiences and trends within the rapidly changing garment industry. This has helped us stay on top and evolve in tandem with the global garment industry.

OUR COMPETENCE- OUR PEOPLE: Our strength lies in the 100 highly trained
and experienced people, endowed with a problem solving and service centric attitude, sharing a common goal.

“Endeavourer for leadership by striving for excellence.”