Our Vision:

•   Endeavors for Leadership by Striving for Excellence.
•   To be the most admired & favored Trim suppliers to the Garment Industry.
•   Change we can believe in. Yes Godolo can!
•   We seem to gain wisdom more readily through our failures than through our success. we always think of failure as the antithesis of success, but it isn't. Success often lies just the other side of failure

Our Values

Caring Godolo & Godolo is redefining the marketing paradigm to focus on the needs of the customer. The service process is responsive, personalized, humane and empathetic. Every individual who represents the company is for us our Brand Champion.

Knowledge Knowledge constitutes expertise and our expertise is in helping you source the best of the Products. Perfectly combining global expertise with local knowledge, we believe that for knowledge to be of value, it must be focused, current, tested and shared.

Excellence Excellence at Godolo & Godolo implies the ability to perform at a consistently high level. Focused on the value of continuous improvement in people, processes and the organization, the company strives for the highest standards of quality in every aspect of its business.

Honesty Honesty is the heart of a business. It is all about trust. Transparency, integrity and dependability form the cornerstones of Godolo & Godolo experience. The company enjoins upon everyone who represents the company a promise to carry the message - we care - in word as well as deed.